Christine Baranski Planning Return to Oxford University


Veteran actress Christine Baranski is heading back to the U.K. this summer (17) to enrol in an Oxford University course about Oscar Wilde.

The star had long dreamed about studying at the prestigious British college ever since her daughter Lily completed her graduate degree there, and the 64-year-old finally got to fulfil her wishes last year (16), when her hit legal drama The Good Wife wrapped its seventh and final season.

She explained, “They have adult courses in the summer, but I could never take one because The Good Wife was always starting (filming at that time). So when they announced the end of The Good Wife, a girlfriend and I signed up for a course on T. E. Lawrence, that would be Lawrence of Arabia…”

Christine, a graduate of New York City’s top performing arts facility Juilliard School, spent a week learning all about the author and World War One military officer while staying in a dorm at Oxford’s Christ Church college, and she loved the whole experience so much, she is planning to return for another school session this year (17).

“I had a little narrow bed in a dorm room, and took classes in the morning, and the dining room where we ate was where they filmed Harry Potter. That was where I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” she gushed on U.S. morning show Live! with Kelly. “I highly recommend it… It was a real school experience and I think I’m going back to do Oscar Wilde this summer.”

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