Cillian Murphy directs new rock video

Batman Begins star Cillian Murphy has made his directorial debut after taking charge of British rockers Money’s new music video. The Irish actor, who started out as a musician himself, reached out to singer Jamie Lee and his bandmates after becoming hooked on their new song Hold Me Forever and offered up his services for the promo, which was shot in London and features dancers from the English National Ballet.
He tells USA Today, “I’ve always had a hankering to make a music video, but it needed to be the right song. You need to believe in the song, and it has to affect you, I think, for you to try to interpret it visually…
“I absolutely loved it (the song). I immediately had this idea of ballet dancers, for some weird reason. Then I met up with Jamie, and he had also thought about ballet dancers as an idea, so it seemed like a good beginning.”
And Murphy reveals the ballet stars all performed without charging a fee: “They did it for free, just because they wanted to be involved.”
The experience has inspired the budding director to continue working behind the camera and he’s already looking towards future projects: “I think I’d like to do a couple (more) music videos, with perhaps doing something else (down the road). It’s a nice way to cut your teeth, you know? And because I love music so much, it’s an excuse to hang around with bands.”