Cillian Murphy Teases ‘Peaky Blinders’ Film Idea


Cillian Murphy has got Peaky Blinders fans excited by admitting he’s curious about a possible feature-length film.

While Irishman Cillian has been working in Hollywood for more than 15 years, his role as dangerously attractive gang leader Thomas Shelby in the popular BBC drama has seen his star soar even higher.

The show has become a hit around the world, and with A-listers like Tom Hardy, Sam Neill and Adrien Brody, who appears in the upcoming fourth season, also featuring, it’s no surprise fans want a full-length movie.

“I think Steve (Knight, creator) has some ideas. You’d have to be careful, but I’d be curious to do it,” Cillian teased in a chat with British Esquire.

Peaky Blinders is expected to back on the small screen later this month (Oct17).

Cillian is also being kept busy with movie work, with his new film, The Party, recently hitting theaters.

He also starred in summer smash Dunkirk, where he got the chance to act alongside Mark Rylance.

“Dunkirk was an amazing experience. Mark Rylance is a lovely, lovely man. He’s got a gorgeous energy and presence, and obviously he’s a sublime actor as well. I think he’s top of his game, now,” he praised.

Although acting has afforded him a lot of success, 41-year-old Cillian confesses he’s actually a frustrated musician.

“That’s what I wanted to do, before I got side-tracked into acting,” he revealed. “I was in a band when I was young and we were offered a record deal, but it was a bad one and my brother was only 16, so we turned it down. My parents were like ‘it could ruin your life’.”