Claire Foy Feared She’d Be Left a Widow as Husband Battled Brain Tumor


Claire Foy feared she’d be left a widow when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The actress’ spouse Stephen Campbell Moore was told he had a benign tumor on his pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain, at the end of 2016.

And as Claire filmed the second season of her hit Netflix show The Crown last year (17), she was unsure whether or not Stephen would pull through.

“My daughter didn’t know what was going on at all,” she told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “But my family did and I could see it in them. You realize you’re not the most important person anymore.”

Luckily, Stephen, 38, underwent a successful operation to remove the tumor, and is doing well after returning to full health.

The actor, who is most famous for his role in play The History Boys and its subsequent film, spoke to the Daily Telegraph previously about undergoing the surgery, explaining: “There are certain things that you make sure you’ve done before you go into surgery. You write a letter. But it’s all very much on the off-chance that something did go wrong, because every part of you is saying that nothing will. Waking up and being told the operation had gone well was understandably a huge relief.”

Stephen’s tumor wasn’t Claire’s first experience of such a condition. She herself was diagnosed with a tumor in her eye when she was 17, but it was found to be benign and was later removed without leaving Claire with any facial disfigurations.

Speaking about her health battle, Claire said: “It was horrible and debilitating, but it made me realize that I needed to grab the life I wanted. If that hadn’t happened, I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to throw my cards on the table and say I wanted to study drama.”

Claire and Stephen met in 2011 while shooting fantasy movie Season of the Witch, and married in 2014. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, into the world in March 2015.