Claire Foy Swears She Received More Attention as a Blonde


Claire Foy is certain she received more attention after she dyed her hair blonde for a movie role.

The British actress lightened her naturally brunette tresses to a honey shade for her part in biographical drama Breathe, released in October (17), but has since switched back to a dark brown hue for her part as astronaut Neil Armstrong’s wife Janet Shearon in forthcoming film First Man.

Amidst her constant hair transformations, Claire definitely noticed people treated her differently when she was sporting golden strands.

“I loved being blonde. The whole blondes have more fun thing… I mean I didn’t have more fun, but people are just nice to you,” she said during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (04Dec17). “I swear it’s an actual thing, people hold the door open for you, they smile at you, just in general.”

In spite of her fondness for her blonde hair, she doesn’t plan on lightening it again, as it required “quite a lot of upkeep.”

Claire was on the late-night talk show to promote the second series of The Crown, which is released on Netflix from Friday. The actress portrays Queen Elizabeth II on the program, and has teased fans that there will be lots of drama.

“It starts where we left off on the first series. So, no time passes really, it’s going into the ’60s and we receive a visit from JFK and Jackie O. It’s seeing an institution go into the ’60s and not knowing how to keep up with it,” the 33-year-old shared.

But before Claire heads back to the U.K. to spend Christmas with her family, she is looking forward to seeing an American icon perform in New York on Tuesday evening.

“I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night. My mum’s here with me and she brought her (sweater from) The River Tour that she went to see, from 1984. And I’m going to wear it – I’m really excited!” she laughed.