Cleese thinks Yanks are funnier

British actor/comedian John Cleese is giving credit where credit is due.

In an interview with the BBC Radio, the 61-year-old Monty Python star said he thought Americans were producing funnier television shows than the British.

He admitted to missing the golden era of British television. “I thought British television was the best in the world or, as somebody memorably said a few years ago, the least bad television in the world.”

But now, “For the first time for a very long time, the comedy on American television is rather better than we are producing.”

He was quick to point out, however, that he would not leave his homeland for a permanent place on U.S. soil.

“I haven’t the slightest intention of quitting England,” he told BBC Radio. “There are few sights in life more nauseating than that of a pampered British celebrity scuttling off to America, slagging off their homeland as they go.”

But he added, “I get more work in America. It is lovely that the Harry Potter and James Bond movies are shot in England. That is a great pleasure. But it is absolutely true that most of the well-paid work I get is in America.”