Clint Eastwood’s girl lands beauty campaign

Francesca Eastwood is the new spokesmodel for cosmetics brand Too Faced and will appear in advertisements for the company’s upcoming autumn (13) range.

Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino says, “When looking for the perfect girl to represent our brand, I couldn’t think of anyone more quintessentially Too Faced than Francesca Eastwood. She’s bold, takes chances, and isn’t afraid to be herself.”

The 19-year-old blonde beauty adds, “I love to play with all the colours they offer and I’m always finding new favourites to wear.”

Francesca, who appears in her family’s reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, has been named Miss Golden Globe 2013, and will be making her debut on the Golden Globes stage during the Hollywood ceremony on Sunday (13Jan13).