Clooney opens home for Murrow’s former show

David Strathairn, as newsman Murrow, ‘interviewed’ pianist Liberace for the programme as part of Clooney’s film Good Night, And Good Luck and the movie star is thrilled the series has been brought back by CBS bosses.

Clooney gave Charlie Rose and Lara Logan a guided tour of his house, which he bought from singer Stevie Nicks in 1995, revealing, “It’s just a fun place to be.”

In the show, which airs in America on Wednesday (08Feb12), the Oscar nominee also talked about his 2012 health kick with the hosts as he showed off the contents of his refrigerator.

He explained, “There’s some lady that makes salads for me and I eat salads and some sort of juice thing because one of my New Year’s Eve resolutions was to eat better and to sort of do one of these cleanses.”