Close battled pneumonia on Albert Nobbs shoot

The Dangerous Liaisons star was shooting the new drama in Dublin, Ireland when a huge snow storm blanketed the country.

The horrendous weather conditions caused Close to fall seriously ill – but she refused to tell anyone for fear of jeopardising the shoot.

She says, “It was freezing… It was as everybody always says, the worst winter that they’ve had in memory. Terrible snow. The whole country shut down… because they only have two ploughs and they’re at the airport. The sidewalks were literally inches thick in ice for weeks. And the hospitals were bulging with people that had broken their legs and their hips. Oh, it was a mess…

“I got pneumonia. It was terrible, because here I was, you know, I worked 15 years to get this film to where we were actually filming it, and I felt so sick. And then I started coughing up stuff and of course my imagine said, ‘That looks like it has blood in it.’ And I said (to myself), ‘I have tuberculosis (lung disease), I’m gonna die. And what can I do – (it took) 15 years, everybody’s here, I can’t tell anybody, I can’t tell anybody that I’m so sick I’m gonna die.’ Turns out I just had pneumonia.”