Close’s tribute to mourning co-star Short

Short was due to attend the glittery bash, where he was nominated for his Supporting Actor role in the hit show, but he pulled out to mourn for his wife of 30 years, who died last weekend (21Aug10) from natural causes, aged just 58.

Speaking to the press after the ceremony, Close praised the couple’s “extraordinary” marriage and hailed Short a “magnificent actor”.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “He can pull off very, very complex emotions, and he was magnificent (in Damages).

“I loved watching him work. And the fact that he’s known as this genius comic made it even better.

“Talking to Marty, which we did a lot on the set, they had an extraordinary marriage. I think 30 years and (it was) a great partnership and friendship on top of everything else.”

The Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Emmy went to Aaron Paul for his role in Breaking Bad.