CNN chief “reaches out” to GOP

CNN’s new chairman, Walter Isaacson, has caught flak from Democrats after meeting with GOP Congressional leaders last week. “That is a byzantine thing for the head of a news organization to come up to meet with one political party to ask what can we do or how do we make things better,” an unnamed senior Democratic senator told the Washington newsletter Roll Call. For his part Isaacson said, “I was trying to reach out to a lot of Republicans who feel that CNN has not been as open covering Republicans, and I wanted to hear their concerns. … I definitely did not say, ‘How do we attract the conservative viewer?'” But a top aide to one of the GOP lawmakers who met with Isaacson told Roll Call: “He said, ‘Give us some guidance on how to attract conservatives.’ He said he ‘wanted to change the culture’ at CNN. I think he perceived that they have a problem, and they do have a problem.”