Coco Austin turns weathergirl to record home video of superstorm

The busty blonde model headed outside with a video camera to film the post-tropical cyclone which rained havoc on the city of Edgewater, where she shares an apartment with rapper/actor Ice-T.

In the clip she uploaded on, Austin battled strong gale force winds and torrential rain as she shared her experience with viewers.

She said, “Alright guys, this is Edgewater, New Jersey. You can’t really tell, but right across the Hudson River is New York (City), but as you can see, you can’t see New York. There’s like no one on the roads here. It’s like a ghost town. The wind is crazy. I am soaked. It’s so cool, but scary at the same time… Alright, I’ve got to get out of here.”

Austin’s turn as a weather reporter should come as no surprise to fans – earlier this month (Oct12) she told The Huffington Post her dream is to be a meteorologist.

She said, “You know how you ask little girls what they want to be, and they’re like, ‘a ballerina?’ I wanted to be a meteorologist. I’m so into the weather. I literally watch the Weather Channel… hours a day and it will say the same weather over and over, but I’m just in total awe about how weather, like, transforms into storms and systems and tornadoes. I know I’m a little strange and crazy this way, but weather’s my thing.”