Collins laments ‘spoiled’ generation

The British actress noticed how overly pampered children are after taking her family on a trip to the South of France and witnessing how sweet life is for her grandkids.

Collins reveals her adult children pander to the every whim of her grandkids, Miel, 11, and six year olds Weston and Ava Grace, and she’s baffled by their comfortable upbringing – because her own parents were so strict.

In a column for Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, she writes, “At the risk of offending everybody under the age of 15, I must admit that today’s little darlings could learn a lot from generations past.

“When I was a girl, I was lucky if my parents actually acknowledged my existence, let alone followed me around, eager to please me.

“Today’s mini-mes take their parents’ orders as an opener to a debate. Pleas and supplications turn into manoeuvring and cajoling, until out-and-out crying or faces of utter misery convince their buckling parents of their need for the thing at hand.

“I watch my own children and daughter-in-law crumble when confronted with this childish opposition, and wonder how so much could have changed in so little time… As I silently tut-tut beneath my breath, raising my eyes to the ceiling in supplication and wondering why the long-suffering parents of today seem to have no control, I ponder where my generation went wrong.”

But the 77 year old admits the little ones bring great joy to her life, adding: “I have to admit that watching them jump and jiggle around the pool all afternoon affords me some of the greatest pleasures of my already lucky life.

“It’s their happiness and their freedom that’s so infectious, and whatever I may think about the differences between their generation and mine, in all honesty I wouldn’t change my gorgeous grandchildren for the world.”