Comedian Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Friends fans baffled by TV reunion

U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his late-night TV show on Thursday (28Aug14) by assuring Friends fans that his reunion skit the day before was planned and Jennifer Aniston was not forced into taking part. Devotees of the beloved sitcom flooded social media and after Kimmel brought Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox together for a scene read in a stage replica of character Monica’s kitchen.
Aniston, who was promoting her new film on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, appeared not to be happy about the idea, prompting many fans to criticise her.
But, at the top of his show on Thursday, Kimmel poked fun at the baffled fans as he read out their tweets, posts and emails.
He then explained that his pal Aniston was very much in on the joke – and she was just acting surprised and annoyed by the reunion.
He said, “She was acting, apparently very good too. She should probably get an Emmy for that acting…
“Ninety-nine per cent of the time when you put something on YouTube everyone jumps in to say it’s fake, then we put something that is, I thought, obviously fake on and people think it’s real.”