COMING SOON: ‘Isn’t She Great,’ ‘Eye of the Beholder,’ ‘The Big Tease’

The Jacqueline Susann biopic “Isn’t She Great” comes to life this week with Bette Midler as the famed author.

Also opening wide this week is the Ewan McGregorAshley Judd psychological suspense thriller, “Eye of the Beholder.”

Here’s a list of all the films opening this week.

Opening Wednesday

Kestrel’s Eye” (First Run) — Directed by Swedish filmmaker Mikael Kristersson, this documentary chronicles the lives of a family of kestrels nesting in the tower of an old church. (Limited release)

Opening Friday

The Big Tease” (Warner Bros.) — Scotsman Craig Ferguson plans to make his country proud when he is invited to the international hairdressing contest. He flies to Los Angeles only to discover that he is attending the event as an observer. (Limited release)

The Cup” (Fine Line) — The Bhutanese film follows two boys who are sent to a monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas. As they assimilate to the monastic life, one thing keeps intruding on their routine — how can they get to watch the World Cup Finals? (Limited release)

Eye of the Beholder” (Destination) — Ewan McGregor stars as a British intelligence agent who is on a mission to shadow a murderous blackmailer played by Ashley Judd. (Wide release)

Isn’t She Great” (Universal) — The real-life story depicting the vibrant, flamboyant and sometimes outrageous life of author Jacqueline Susann, who came to fame in the 1960s with the success of “The Valley of the Dolls.” Bette Midler stakes the title role. (Wide release)

Grizzly Falls” (Providence) — When hunters capture her cubs, a grizzly bear retaliates by kidnapping the young son of a trapper portrayed by Bryan Brown. Rather than doing the boy any harm, the bear instead becomes his guide to the wilderness. Oliver Tobias, Daniel Clark and Richard Harris co-star. (Limited release)

Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr.” (Lions Gate) — The subject of this portrait is the infamous Fred A. Leuchter Jr. — the erstwhile engineer of death-row technology who disclaimed in 1988 the occurrence of the Holocaust. (Expanded release)

Rear Window” (USA) — Jimmy Stewart plays the housebound magazine photographer whose voyeuristic pastime unwittingly unravels a murder in the apartment facing his rear window. (Expanded release)

“Restaurant” (Palisades) — At the center of a group of aspiring artists who make up the staff of a trendy Hoboken, N.J., restaurant is a longtime bartender played by Adrien Brody, a debuting playwright who is coping with the end of a recent romance. (Limited release)

Stella Does Tricks” (Strand) — Stella, a 15-year-old Glaswegian girl working as a prostitute in London, heads back to Glasgow with her new boyfriend and attempts to start a new life. However, she soon discovers the difficulty to break free of the cycle of abuse she has become trapped in. (Limited release)

Topsy-Turvy” (USA) — Directed by Mike Leigh, the film chronicles the bumpy collaboration of the writer-composer team Gilbert and Sullivan. Jim Broadbent and Allan Corduner co-star. (Expanded release)