COMING SOON: ‘Scream 3,’ ‘Gun Shy,’ ‘Simpatico’

The “Scream” franchise continues its reign this week with the release of “Scream 3.”

Also new this week are Liam Neeson and Sandra Bullock‘s dramedy “Gun Shy” and the expanded release of the ensemble “Simpatico” with Nick Nolte, Sharon Stone and Jeff Bridges.

The following is a list of all the films coming out this week:

Opening Friday, Feb. 4

“Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities” (First Run) — Documentarian Monika Treut takes viewers on a gender-bending trip to San Francisco to explore the “cyborg” subculture — people who alter their bodies and minds with new technologies and chemistry in “gender elimination phenomena.” (Limited release)

Gun Shy” (Buena Vista) — Liam Neeson plays a DEA agent whose retirement is delayed interminably by one final case. Sandra Bullock co-stars. (Limited release)

“Knockout” (Legacy) — In the mean streets of East Los Angeles, a young woman strives to continue her father’s extinguished dream and become a boxing champion. (Limited release)

“Scream 3” (Miramax) — After graduation, the massacre-prone character played by Neve Campbell lands her first role in a B-type horror flick that takes her full circle back to Woodsboro, the scene of the original crime. David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette reprise their roles from the first two installments of the successful horror-slasher film franchise. (Wide release)

Simpatico” (Fine Line) Jeff Bridges plays an affluent horse breeder whose reputation threatens to go to ruin when his penitent ex-partner played by Nick Nolte resurfaces to expose a horseracing scam the two masterminded many years ago. Sharon Stone co-stars as the woman both men love. (Limited release)

Topsy-Turvy” (USA) — Directed by Mike Leigh, this critics’ darling chronicles the bumpy collaboration of the writer-composer team Gilbert and Sullivan. Jim Broadbent and Allan Corduner co-star. (Expanded release)