Constance Wu: ‘Crazy Rich Asians will make history’


Constance Wu is convinced “history is about to be made again” ahead of the release of highly anticipated movie Crazy Rich Asians.

The Fresh Off the Boat actress is the star of the first network TV show featuring an all-Asian cast to be syndicated in the U.S., and is also a member of the cast of the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s bestselling book about the Asian super-rich.

Ahead of its release, the Asian-American, who has been an outspoken critic of Hollywood’s lack of diversity, insisted the movie will also break new ground following the “historic” success of her TV show.

“It is the first Hollywood Studio film in over 25 years to centre an Asian-American’s story,” the actress wrote in a statement she shared on Twitter. “Crazy Rich Asians (CRA) not only centres (on) an Asian-American story, it is also filled with a talented, dynamic, unique all-Asian cast.

“Before CRA I hadn’t even done a tiny part… in a studio film. I never dreamed that I would get to star in one… because I had never seen that happen to someone that looked like me.”

Wu, who along with her co-stars and director Jon M. Chu are the cover stars of The Hollywood Reporter this week, also praised her friend, A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay for adding her voice to the ongoing discussion on the need for increased diversity in Hollywood.

“My dear friend Ava DuVernay says, ‘I work in an industry that really has no regard for my voice and the voice of people like me and so, what do I do? Keep knocking on that door or build your own house?'” Wu said. “My dear Asian American friends, we are building our own damn houses. We got the tools, the ability and we definitely got the style.”

The 36-year-old added: “I hope Asian American kids watch CRA and realise they can be the heroes of their own stories.

“I know CRA won’t represent every Asian-American. So for those who don’t feel seen, I hope there is a story you find soon that does represent you. I am rooting for you.”