Cooper and Rudd laugh at their lucky careers

The pair worked with the Pretty Woman actress on the 2006 New York production of Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain, and were stunned at how far they had come since their days as relative unknowns in cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer – Cooper’s debut film.

And the Hangover star insists the strangest part of the pair becoming professional actors was the fact they didn’t behave like Hollywood celebrities – admitting they still laugh at their own bodily functions.

He tells Details magazine, “We would sit around laughing saying if we had had a crystal ball when we were shooting Wet Hot American Summer and it had told us we were going to be the two guys opposite Julia Roberts in a play, we would have thought that was crazy.

“Movie stars used to be dashing, masculine, and mysterious and we’re the kind of guys that laugh at our own farts.”