Cooper’s lifelong love of Paradise Lost

The Hangover star is set to play the devil Lucifer in the film, which revolves around the biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden – and he’s sure the project will court controversy.

He tells Britain’s Metro, “I can really relate to the story of Paradise Lost. I did a Milton course as part of my English degree and fell in love with that character because I couldn’t believe how appetising he is in that poem. Satan is the hero.

“It’s a story we can all relate to – Dad’s gone crazy and he wants us to worship the dog and then his brother says: ‘Dad’s right.’ It’s about the father betraying the character.

“You bet it’s going to be criticised. You’re taking one of the greatest pieces of literature of the past 300 years but who cares? It really is a wonderful experiment.”