COURT WATCH: Princess, Paparazzi Settle

COURT WATCH: Princess, Paparazzi Settle

The princess and the paparazzi have settled.

Princess Caroline of Monaco has reached an out of court settlement with a German publishing company over an invasion-of-privacy case involving three pictures that were published of her with her children in 1993.

The Hubert Burda company agreed to split the legal costs of the case with Caroline, while the company agreed not to ever publish photographs of the princess with people who are not considered to be public figures.

O.J. LOSES ANOTHER ONE: O.J. Simpson lost yet another court battle to halt the broadcast of a miniseries based on the former football Hall of Famer’s murder trial.

A judge dismissed Project 95 Productions and Lawrence Schiller, author of the book the miniseries is based on, from Simpson’s lawsuit against the project. Simpson sued the production company, Schiller, as well as his former defense lawyer and friend, Robert Kardashian, saying that the miniseries violated his client-attorney privileges.

It was Simpson’s third attempt to halt the project. “An American Tragedy” is scheduled to air in November, but Simpson’s lawyer vowed Monday to appeal the ruling.