Courteney Cox takes a weekly pee outside on her balcony

Actress Courteney Cox has started peeing on her pet dogs’ “pooch potty” on her balcony – so they’ll follow her lead.

The former Friends star and her daughter Coco recently moved into a new 25th floor condo with their dogs Hopper and Harley and she bought them a patch of grass so she wouldn’t have to leave her kid late at night to take the pets out.

But the fussy dogs refused to use the grass, which Cox placed on the balcony.

In a pre-taped interview with pal Ellen DeGeneres, which will air in America on Monday (07Jan12), Cox explains, “I’m like, ‘How am I going to work this out? I could walk them at 10pm at night but what if they have to go in the middle of the night? I can’t leave Coco.

“I thought, ‘It’s (grass patch) going to come with some coyote pee or something, so the dogs want to mark where someone else has marked… but it didn’t.

“It does sound weird but back in the day that was a way to get your dogs to go in certain areas. But this didn’t come with anything. Hopper and Harley would not go. I tried and I tried and it’s getting late and I can’t leave Coco in the condo by herself while I take them out… so I just thought, ‘To hell with it. I’ll mark the grass.’ So I did… I didn’t think it through… but I will say Hopper peed on my pee.”

Her plan worked – but now she has set a precedent for the dogs: “Unfortunately, a new grass pad comes weekly… Once a week I’ll be peeing (on it). (That said) can I tell you how rewarding it is to pee outside on grass?”


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