Courtney Love can’t find girls for her new band

Rocker Courtney Love has abandoned plans to form an all-girl band because there aren’t enough females who want to join her onstage. The former Hole star is embarking on a comeback with a band full of guys after failing to persuade women to sign on for her latest venture.
She tells Bust magazine, “I put an ad on Craigslist (listings website) that said, ‘Band in the style of Hole looking for bassist in the style of Melissa Auf der Maur’.
“I got exactly one response. There’s just not a lot of chick bass players.”
And she warns fans not to hold out hope for a Hole reunion because she has fallen out with guitarist Eric Erlandson and doesn’t have any plans to revisit the past.
She adds, “I’ve been offered money to do an oldies sort of thing. It’s just not me.
“I don’t mind making a crowd happy. I still really like Malibu. I play Miss World sometimes. I don’t like Doll Parts anymore; it’s just a simple song, like three chords, and it drives me nuts.”