Courtney Love facing another defamation lawsuit

Courtney Love has been slapped with a new defamation lawsuit from fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir, two years after settling their previous court action. The plaintiff, aka Dawn Younger-Smith, fell out with the rocker in 2009 after Love reportedly refused to pay for some custom clothing she had commissioned from Simorangkir.
Shortly afterwards, the designer took the star to court amid accusations the Hole frontwoman had ruined her business by posting a series of nasty messages about her on
They reached a financial agreement in 2011, but Simorangkir claims the singer has continued to bad-mouth her and she is now suing over a radio chat Love had with shock jock Howard Stern in May (13), reports
In legal papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, a lawyer for Simorangkir writes, “When Stern questioned Love about Simorangkir’s prior lawsuit, Love claimed that she ‘learned her lesson.’ Ironically, in the same breath, Love blatantly defamed Simorangkir by falsely accusing her of stealing from Love and claiming that this purported theft was captured on closed circuit television videos. Love even went as far as to falsely claim that Simorangkir had engaged in prostitution. Love’s reckless comments and flippant attitude seemed to shock even Stern, who admonished Love for ‘lashing out.’ Significantly, Stern warned Love that ‘You can’t just blurt things out.'”
Simorangkir alleges Love has continued to take aim at her on social media website, on which she has reportedly repeated her theft claims.
She is seeking punitive damages for defamation.
It’s the latest lawsuit Love has had to deal with – she is currently also countersuing her former lawyer in a separate defamation battle.