Courtney Love sold Cobain’s Talking Heads album for $135,000

Courtney Love sold one of her late husband Kurt Cobain’s albums for $135,000 (£84,000) just to spite a London auction house boss who estimated his whole collection would be worth $96,000 (GBP60,000). The Hole star insists she’ll never sell off the Nirvana star’s massive vinyl haul, but she was interested to find out how much it was worth.
She tells, “I put it in storage, because it’s so precious… It’s such a weird collection… This collection starts at age six and ends at age 27. It’s like his soul in vinyl…
“Those records are somewhere in London. I felt like Kurt’s vinyl was so valuable that I would either start giving them (records) away as gifts, or donate them to be sold for charity. The woman at Christie’s said, ‘Oh, it’s worth £60,000 pounds’, and just to prove her wrong, I sold one record for charity, for Mariska Hargitay’s rape kit foundation, and it sold for $135,000.
“It was Talking Heads. I don’t think that ruined the collection. I don’t know what it was doing in the collection, but I do vaguely remember a Talking Heads argument (I had with Cobain).
“I also gave one record to (actor) Michael Pitt, who came over to my house to find me. I guess he had done a movie (Last Days) with Gus Van Sant, where he acts like he’s Kurt or something. I’ve never seen it. There were four copies of the record, it was a seven inch on Kill Rock Stars (record label). It was one of (Kurt’s ex-girlfriend) Tobi (Vail)’s bands… Go Team, but I didn’t give him the one with Kurt’s writing all over it.”