Crime author Henning Mankell diagnosed with cancer

Acclaimed Swedish crime author Henning Mankell has been diagnosed with cancer. The 65-year-old writer, best known for his detective novels featuring Inspector Kurt Wallander, reveals he learned about his health crisis after visiting his orthopaedic surgeon in Stockholm for what he believed was a slipped disc.
In an article for Sweden’s Goteborgs-Posten newspaper, he writes, “It was serious. I had a tumour in my neck and also a tumour in the left lung. In addition, there were suspicions that it had spread elsewhere in the body…
“I am now undergoing the last examinations before it will be decided upon which treatments I will receive.”
Mankell has since decided to detail his illness in a column for the paper, but he insists it won’t be all doom and gloom.
He explains, “At a very early stage I decided to try to write about this, because it is ultimately about the pain and suffering that afflicts so many people.
“I have decided to write it just as it is, about the difficult battle it always is. But I will write from the perspective of life, not death.”
Mankell’s work has been adapted into TV series in his native Sweden and in Britain, where Sir Kenneth Branagh portrayed the titular detective in Wallander.