Cromwell arrested during protest

Actor James Cromwell was arrested Tuesday during an animal rights protest in Fairfax, Va., that targeted the Wendy’s fast food chain, according to The Associated Press.

Police arrested five people during the protest calling for customers to boycott Wendy’s, AP said. The 51-year-old Babe star and three officials from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were arrested after they allegedly refused to leave a Wendy’s restaurant, police said. A fifth person was arrested after he allegedly climbed onto the restaurant’s roof with an anti-Wendy’s banner.

The hour-long protest, which attracted 350 people, was held to stop Wendy’s from allegedly “confining sows to stalls so small that the animals cannot turn around and buying chickens with broken bones caused by mishandling,” according to a statement on PETA’s Web site.

Cromwell was released five hours later, AP said.

“After Babe, people recognized that pigs and other animals abused on factory farms are sensitive, gentle animals. It is high time that big corporations like Wendy’s stopped treating these wonderful animals like meat machines,” Cromwell said in the PETA statement.

A Wendy’s spokesman could not be reached for comment.