Crowe? A beau?

Russell Crowe‘s new movie A Beautiful Mind may not be the only thing that’s beautiful in his life. Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream, Pollock), who plays Crowe‘s wife in the film, might not have been acting, after all.

According to Sky News, the couple was reportedly being a little extra friendly with one another at the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony Wednesday. Sitting alone together in a corner, they shared laughs, cheek kisses and the occasional cigarette.

Crowe described the exotic-looking Connelly as “sublime” when he was named best actor for his role in A Beautiful Mind.

Crowe, 37, recently admitted an aching paternal urge, but it’s still unknown whether or not Connelly will be qualify as mommy material for Russell, Jr. She does have some prior experience, though. The 31-year-old New Zealand native has a 3-year-old son, Kai.

In other Crowe news, the actor is in negotiations to star in upcoming Fox film Master and Commander, an adaptation of the Patrick O’Brian book series about a Royal Navy captain who’s given his first go at sailing his ship off to battle. Word is, Crowe has been unavailable to begin production.