Crowe admits quick temper after BAFTAs

Russell Crowe has publicly admitted his reaction at an after-awards party Sunday was “more passionate” than he would have liked it to have been.

But admittance doesn’t equal apology, according to Crowe.

The actor–who won the best actor award for his role in A Beautiful Mind at the British Academy for Film and Television Arts awards show Sunday–reportedly yelled at and pushed the show’s director, Malcolm Gerrie, at an after-show party.

Crowe was upset at Gerrie for having edited out a poem in the televised version of Crowe‘s acceptance speech.

In response to the incident, Crowe told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday,
“[Gerrie’s] not battered, he’s not bruised, and he’s not bloodied. His ears will be ringing, though.

“If you know anything about me, you know I am going to stand up for myself if I believe I’ve been wronged….I have no regrets about what I said to him.”

Variety reported Crowe‘s speech was edited because the show was running late, and editors had to cut something, somewhere. It came down to either cutting Crowe‘s poem or Warren Beatty’s acceptance speech for his BAFTA fellowship, a decision made by BBC execs and not Gerrie.

Despite the controversy, critics believe Crowe‘s behavior may have endangered his chances to win an Academy Award for the same role in A Beautiful Mind.

Crowe told Inside Edition, “I think the Oscars are supposed to be about the performance that you’ve given, and I don’t think I’m nominated for a ‘Worst Argument with an English TV Executive.'”

Oscar voters have until 5 p.m. on March 19 to return their final ballots.