Cruise defends Cruz, Scientology

For the first time–in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine–actor Tom Cruise spoke about his relationship with Vanilla Sky co-star/girlfriend Penelope Cruz.

According to the BBC, Cruise compared Cruz to a classic silver-screen legend: “She’s incredibly romantic, and yet real. You look at Audrey Hepburn. She had that kind of elegance and yet was accessible.”

Cruise also told Vanity Fair how he felt about his often criticized religion, Scientology, saying his faith has kept him down-to-earth for well over a decade.

“I started reading books on it and I thought ‘God, this makes sense.'”

Cruise‘s honesty didn’t stop there. He openly lashed out against the frequent tabloid reports about his divorce to Nicole Kidman and questions about his sexuality.

“Honestly, people should mind their own damn business and get a life of their own. My personal life isn’t here to sell newspapers.”