Cruise, Kidman to share custody of kids

It’s been settled.

After divorcing in August, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have made their most important decision yet: to share custody of their two adopted children.

The lawyers for Cruise and Kidman made the agreement on Wednesday in a Los Angeles Superior Court, and released the announcement to the press on Thursday.

“The terms and conditions of their agreement are confidential,” said Cruise‘s lawyer, Dennis Wasser, and Kidman‘s lawyer, Sorrell Trope, in a joint statement. “The parties will remain close friends. [They] have come to an amicable, full resolution of all issues. This was done to ensure that the best interests of their children were protected.”

Cruise, 39, and Kidman, 34, were married for 10 years, adopting daughter Isabella, 8, and son Connor, 6.