Cruise, like Kidman, goes to Fiji

The Wakaya Club, an exclusive Fijian resort, has become a hot spot in the last few weeks–and not just for its idyllic surroundings.

Megastar Tom Cruise, 39, made the resort his vacation destination just a few days after his estranged wife Nicole Kidman, 34, left with her longtime friend Russell Crowe, the Australian Associated Press reports.

Cruise and an unidentified female companion reportedly flew to the exclusive club from the Fiji capital of Suva to the resort Sunday morning, as confirmed by a Fiji airport worker.

Kidman and pal Crowe, who have denied reports that they were more than just good friends at the time her marriage broke up earlier this year, had been taking a holiday at the resort. She left the island Saturday and had return to Sydney with her two adopted children, Isabella, 8 and Connor, 6.

Crowe, 36, a native New Zealander who grew up in Australia, has been friends with Kidman for several years, having gone through the acting trenches with her in Australia.

An encounter between Cruise and Kidman could have spelled disaster at the Wakaya Club. They are currently embroiled in divorce proceedings after splitting in February.

Cruise also is dating his Vanilla Sky costar Penelope Cruz, his publicist, Pat Kingsley, told Entertainment Tonight Monday.

The exclusive resort, which goes for $1,300 a night, has been the vacation spot for many of the rich and famous, including Microsoft’s mastermind Bill Gates and actor, Pierce Brosnan. Its lush forests, white sandy beaches and soaring cliffs are “designed for privacy and only accepts 18 guests at a time,” according to its Web site.