Cuba Gooding Jr. causes chaos on BBC Breakfast show


Cuba Gooding Jr. sent British morning news program Bbc Breakfast into disarray on Monday (04Jun18) when he accidentally swore live on air and hijacked the show’s autocue.

The Oscar-winning actor, promoting his West End debut as lawyer Billy Flynn in hit musical Chicago, proved he was every bit the morning person as he joked and messed around on the 6am show.

Leaning in for an impromptu cuddle with co-hosts Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt during his interview, the Boyz n the Hood star laughed: “Ask yourself, is this so bad?”

“This is not so bad,” smiled Louise, followed by a slightly more uncertain Charlie, quipping: “It’s a group hug.”

The 50-year-old then joked: “It’s a Cuba Gooding sandwich. Hey, get out of my pocket! That’s my wallet.”

The actor also jumped at the chance to take over the show’s autocue, attempting to introduce a segment about former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Tripping up mid-introduction, he giggled, “This is hard, you guys are good,” before telling arts correspondent Rebecca Jones to “hit it, girl!”

But perhaps the biggest faux pas came when the funnyman swore live on air.
Discussing his reaction at landing the role in Chicago, Cuba shared: “I cried like a little girl. That’s true. I said it. I cried, like a little b**ch!”

Immediately realising his error, he added: “Oh, can I say that? I apologise.”
Despite his blunders, viewers remained entertained by the actor’s antics, with Twitter users dubbing the watch hilarious.

“A dose of Cuba every dawn would truly brighten up our worlds, what a well needed laugh this morning! Thank you Sir! (even if a bleep slipped out) @cubagoodingjr @BBCBreakfast HIRE HIM! (if he’s not too expensive:)) #cubagoodingjr,” one fan tweeted.

“I’m so glad I woke up in time to see Cuba Gooding Jr. on BBC Breakfast, where he accidentally dropped the word “b**ch”, slid down the sofa to group hug the presenters, and then proceeded to read their autocue. Made my morning,” another posted.