Cuban actors disappear en route to New York premiere

Javier Nunez Florian and Analin de la Rua de la Torre failed to board a flight to the Big Apple from Miami, Florida last week (begs16Apr12), and were no-shows at the screening of Una Noche, which was unveiled at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday (19Apr12).

Ironically, the 20-year-old actors portray teens defecting from Cuba to the U.S. onscreen – and reports suggest life has imitated art for the budding stars, who are believed to be seeking asylum.

The pair was accompanied on the flight from Cuba to Miami by co-star Dariel Arrechada, also 20, but they were nowhere to be seen when it was time to board the connecting flight.

Florian and de la Rua de la Torre were granted temporary work visas to attend the Tribeca Film Festival, which ends on Sunday (29Apr12).