D’Onofrio makes slasher horror musical on a budget

The Law & Order: Criminal Intent star recently completed work on Don’t Go Into The Woods thanks to friends and locals in upstate New York, who agreed to help him terrorise stars like Soomin Lee and Kate O’Malley.

And D’Onofrio still can’t imagine any other director tipping buckets of ‘blood’ all over their leading ladies.

He recalls, “The whole idea of a slasher musical where everybody sings and everybody dies is a completely absurd idea for a movie. It was an experiment to see if we could make it. It’s made for pure entertainment and so we all knew what we were getting into and all my friends came to do it with me.

“We had to shoot it all in 12 days, so I would do the special effects myself sometimes. I had to throw a bucket of blood on them (the stars) sometimes and I got my hands in the frame with the bucket – so that didn’t work very well.

“If a pump needed to be put up somebody’s shirt and tied to the back of their head so it would squirt out of the back of their head we just did it. Somebody would stand by with a syringe and push the syringe when the blood needed to come out.

“All of our special effects were practical; nothing was CGI (computer generated) and so we knew what we had to get away with and we got away with it.”

The low-budget debut has given D’Onofrio the hunger to direct again.

He tells WENN, “There’s other things that I have in mind, other projects I want to make.”