‘Da Vinci’ Trouble

Ron Howard is having trouble on the set of the thriller The Da Vinci Code,
because there’s a severe shortage of extras.

The director is shooting the film – based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel –
in Lincoln, England, with Lincoln Cathedral doubling for Westminster Abbey.

But the remote location and summer shoot have caused some problems.

Producers have posted desperate e-mails to employers in the area, asking
for extras aged 40 and over – but most locals are either working or on

The e-mail reads, “We are working on an American feature film shooting in
Lincoln in August. We have been casting in Lincoln but we are still desperately
looking for men aged 40 and over to take part.”

But local Ian Pilcher tells The Lincolnshire Echo, “Most of us are
working and probably don’t have time for auditions like this. It’s also school
holiday time and family men will be off with their children. Add to that the
embarrassment factor and you’re not going to get many of us. I guess some
people might view it as a bit of an unmanly thing to do.”

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