Dane & Gayheart move into hotel after tree terror

High storm winds in Los Angeles wreaked havoc on the city overnight and many celebrities became victims of the elements.

But Dane and Gayheart had it worst than most – a 30-foot (9.14-metre) eucalyptus tree crashed through a wall of their Beverly Hills home.

A source tells WENN, “The place is unlivable. Eric returned home this morning (01Dec11) to collect a few belongings but the family has started December as guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

A neighbour who witnessed the incident has told reporters she could see sparks of electricity coming through a bedroom wall after hearing a loud crash.

Pregnant Gayheart was seen leaving the property shortly after the incident, and it appears the actress and her baby have avoided any injury.

Neighbour Erin Smith tells CBS News, “She’s good now. No one was hurt, thank God.”