Danes watches her husband on TV

Danes watches her husband on TV

The actress shoots her hit TV show Homeland on location in Charlotte, North Carolina, while British star Dancy remains at home in New York.

Dancy filmed a recurring role in small screen show The Big C, and Danes admits she often tunes in to the series when she is away.

She tells Britain’s S magazine, “When I’m on my own in Charlotte feeling loney and bereft, at least I can keep watching Hugh on The Big C.”

The Stardust actress also reveals her husband is a big fan of her show, in which she stars as a CIA agent, and won’t let her talk about her work in case she gives away the plot.

She adds, “He won’t let me talk about what I was doing at work that day. He says he doesn’t want the story spoiled and I’ll say, ‘But I need to share my experiences with you’.”