Daniel Radcliffe achieved Jungle look with fish and protein bars

Actor Daniel Radcliffe survived on a daily ration of a piece of fish and a protein bar to play a lost adventurer in new movie Jungle.
The Harry Potter star tackles the real-life story of Israeli-born Australian Yossi Ghinsberg, who found himself fighting for survival after venturing into the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia with a group of friends back in 1981.
Daniel decided losing a few pounds during the 2016 shoot would make his portrayal more believable, so he limited his food intake to achieve his desired look, and he’s since become hooked on Quest protein bars.
“When I was doing Jungle, I sort of felt like the character had been lost for a while and not eating a lot and so it felt wrong for me to be eating too much, so the Quest bars were one of the things I allowed myself,” he tells New York magazine’s The Strategist column.
“I was having a filet of fish and one of those bars a day. Some people are like, ‘Protein bars taste weird,’ and I get that, but I’ve been eating them so long they’re actually good to me.”
Daniel even likens the creamier flavours to dessert: “I like the cookies-and-cream and the chocolate ones,” he says. “What you do is put them in the microwave for 20 seconds and crush almonds or pecans on them, and then they’re a delicious treat. Or you can cut them into mini squares and stick them in the oven.”
Jungle, directed by Greg McLean, also stars Alex Russell and Thomas Kretschmann, and opens in the U.S. this week (20Oct17).