Danielle Brooks Had to ‘Retire’ the Splits after TV Injury


Actress Danielle Brooks can no longer do the splits after pushing herself a little too far during an energetic performance on hit TV show Lip Sync Battle.

The Orange is the New Black castmember faced off with her co-star Uzo Aduba for the recent third season of the series, in which celebrities do their best to mime along to their favorite songs as they put on a show for the studio audience.

As part of her set, Danielle rocked out to Bon Jovi classic Livin’ on a Prayer, for which she even did the splits – a move which landed her at the doctor’s office for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

“I was so happy (on the show), but I had to retire the splits…,” she confessed during an appearance on cooking show The Chew. “I can never do the splits again after that. I actually had to go to the MRI (sic) after, because I was feeling myself (so proud of myself) and I popped that split and I was like, ‘Uhhh, I popped a little more than a split!'”