Danny DeVito: ‘I’m not going to retire’


Danny Devito has no plans to retire from acting.

The 73-year-old has been acting since the 1970s, with career highlights including Twins, Matilda, Romancing the Stone and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

However, despite his age, DeVito shows no signs of slowing down and he “absolutely” still has a passion for acting, so he has no intention of quitting showbiz.

“I am not going to retire. Actors don’t … do actors retire? Maybe they do. I have never heard of an actor retiring,” the funnyman told the Press Association.

Robert Redford famously announced he was retiring from acting following the release of his new movie The Old Man & The Gun. The All the President’s Men star originally stated his retirement plan in late 2016 and confirmed the news to Entertainment Weekly in early September (18).

However, at the premiere of the film later that month, the veteran actor backtracked on his comments, saying his announcement was “a mistake”.

“I should never have said that,” he told Variety when asked if he’s truly retiring. “If I’m going to retire, I should just slip quietly away from acting, but I shouldn’t be talking about it because I think it draws too much attention in the wrong way. I want to be focused on this film and the cast.”

DeVito is currently on the promotional trail for new animation Smallfoot, in which he voices a yeti named Dorgle, and he explained to the Press Association why he likes doing children’s movies.

“I like giving the kids a good time and smiling, letting them have a good afternoon at the movies,” he said. “I loved movies when I was a kid, I loved Tom & Jerry and all of the different Warner Bros movies, all the Disney cartoons. I loved that stuff.”