David Beckham comforts young girl after taking a tumble

Sports star David Beckham turned hero during a recent visit to his Los Angeles soccer camp as he raced to rescue a tearful young girl after she took a tumble. The retired soccer star and father-of-four had stopped by his David Beckham Academy earlier this week (ends19Oct13) when he noticed the child fall.
He quickly rushed to crying girl and picked her up, comforting her on his knee until she was all smiles again.
A source tells Britain’s Sunday People, “David saw the little girl upset and wanted to be sure she was OK. It’s something that comes ­naturally to him. He’s very caring and loves kids so he simply wouldn’t have done anything but what he did.
“He feels privileged to be in a position where he has his own football academy, so he wants to make sure that those who go there to learn get the best experience possible.”
Beckham, who launched the academy for children aged four to seven in 2009, was also snapped showing young members some of his own soccer skills.