David Beckham’s former boss accuses star of losing focus after marriage

David Beckham’s former soccer manager has accused the sports superstar of losing focus after marrying his wife Victoria. Beckham was playing for world renowned team Manchester United when he met the then Spice Girl in 1997. The pair wed in 1999 and became celebrity superstars, building a multi-million empire around ‘Brand Beckham’.
Now infamous Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired in May (13) after 26 years in charge, has spoken for the first time on his most recognised former charge, describing how he took his eye off the ball during the whirlwind surrounding his marriage.
In an interview with U.S. network PBS, Ferguson said, “As a young kid when I got him at 12 years of age his great desire was (to play) some of the best football. He was a fantastic trainer, practised all the time. At night-time he would come by with the schoolboys and practise with them. And he was in that collection.
“And then of course, his life changed, when he married the girl from The Spice Girls, yeah. And his focus changed. He got drawn into the – that celebrity status, you know? And for me, I’m a football man… He lost the focus. And when we sold him to (Spanish soccer team) Real Madrid, he did well.”
However, the legendary manager praises Beckham for turning himself into an icon, adding, “I’m a football man. But how can I argue with life? He’s an icon for young people… and represents himself the proper way. And I say well done.
“Amazing boy, yeah. I mean, how he has created himself. He’s fantastic. Wonderful boy.”