David Blaine Gets Grounded

As thousands of onlookers–not to mention a national television audience–gaped, David Blaine completed his latest bizarre stunt when he jumped from his 100-foot perch atop a column in midtown Manhattan and crashed, safely, into a mattress made of many, many cardboard boxes, The Associated Press reports.

Blaine, 29, had been standing atop the circular pillar–whose diameter measured a mere 22 inches–in Manhattan’s Bryant Park for 35 consecutive hours before jumping. Blaine was whisked away by an ambulance, but not before waving weakly to the crowd and saying, “God bless us all.”

The stunt, broadcast by ABC, was Blaine’s third peculiar death-defying feat from which he’s escaped unharmed (the ambulance was just a precautionary measure). Blaine spent 62 hours imprisoned in a block of ice in November 2000 and spent seven days buried six feet underground in a see-through, plastic coffin in April 1999.