David Copperfield Collapses

Cheesy magician David Copperfield – after heavily promoting his upcoming stunt in which he enters a tornado of fire – collapsed on stage Friday during rehearsals for the event.

Did he wimp out?

Says Copperfield‘s publicist: “He has gone without sleep for 48 hours. He has been rehearsing nonstop, and this has obviously taken its toll.” The publicist says Copperfield collapsed under “extreme exhaustion.”

According to The Associated Press, Copperfield, 44, was rushed to Manhattan’s St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital Center, but is not expected to remain admitted through the weekend.

Copperfield had been rehearsing a stunt in which he enters a 1800-degree Fahrenheit swirl of fire, called the “Tornado of Fire.” His publicist said that the CBS broadcast will go on despite the incident. No air date has been set.