David Lynch serenaded by Ringo Starr at birthday concert

Hollywood director David Lynch was serenaded by veteran British musician Ringo Starr during a special concert in Los Angeles on the day of his 68th birthday. The Beatles star received the Lifetime of Peace and Love Award from the David Lynch Foundation during an event at the El Rey Theatre on Monday night (20Jan14), and the evening featured a number of tributes to the drummer.
His former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono both recorded video messages, and Starr was among the night’s performers along with his Eagles rocker brother-in-law Joe Walsh, and singer/songwriter Ben Folds.
During his time on stage, Starr turned the spotlight back on organiser Lynch in honour of his 68th birthday on Monday, leading the crowd in a rendition of Happy Birthday.
Starr was given the award for his work raising awareness about Transcendental Meditation, a practice championed by Lynch and his foundation. Guests at the event included Jim Carrey and Peter Frampton.