David Nail reveals 10-year battle with depression

Country singer David Nail has opened up about his battle with depression, revealing he struggled with the condition for 10 years before seeking help. The Let it Rain hitmaker explains he kept his fight with the disease secret and tried to deal with it on his own because of his upbringing.
He tells People Country, “I lived, probably, 10 years in a really, really deep depression. Growing up in small town, it was one of those things that you don’t talk about and you try to sweep it under the rug.”
Fearing he could no longer keep the issue to himself any longer, Nail sought professional help after “bottoming out”.
He continues, “I carried around a lot of guilt because I had all these blessings in my life and yet I was still struggling to try to find some joy. I’d be first to admit that I wasn’t always the easiest guy to be around.
“But I finally realised I didn’t have to do this on my own. I’m a singer, not a doctor. I decided it was time to seek out help, so I made some changes and leaned on other people rather than trying to figure it out all by myself, which is what I had done for years.”
The singer has been on a combination of prescription drugs and has been working with a therapist for the past two years and he claims his music has benefited.
He explains, “In the few months leading up to the record (I’m a Fire), I found an inner peace and good place that I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. As a result of that, the music began to feel how I felt personally. It’s brighter, it’s bigger, it has more tempo. The lyrics are more positive than in records past.”