Dax Shepard: ‘I Taught My Daughter the F-word by Mistake’


Actor Dax Shepard was mortified when he realized he’d taught his daughter the F-word.

The 42-year-old, who is dad to three-year-old Lincoln and Delta, two, with his wife, Kristen Bell, smacked his nose on a bookshelf in his eldest daughter’s bedroom and let rip a series of expletives as he hopped around in pain.

“I almost blacked out,” he tells chat show host Ellen DeGeneres. “I let a couple m-f-ers rip because I’ve lost sight of where I am at. I feel like I’m at an alley or something, so I let these m-f-ers fly…

“The worst part of the story is two days later Kristen’s walking down the hallway and Lincoln’s in her room trying to get this sweatshirt off… and her arms are all bound up in it and she’s getting frustrated and she goes, ‘Ow! F**k!'”

Hoping the F-bomb was a one-off, Kristen and Dax were left red-faced during a trip to a party days later.

“I swear to God, we’re at a pool party and she goes, ‘This pool is f**king warm,'” Dax adds.

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