Demi Lovato’s dogs helped scare off burglar

Demi Lovato has her dogs to thank for seeing off a potential burglar intent on ransacking her Hollywood Hills home.
The pop star fears news coverage of her home after it was almost destroyed by a mudslide in February, 2017 gave career thieves too much information about her pad, and sure enough months after the mud drama, one attempted to break-in.
“It was all over TMZ,” Lovato tells Billboard. “They showed pictures of my house. I was so p**sed. If a crazed fan studied those, they could break in.”
And that’s exactly what happened: “They knew I was going to be away,” she explains. “They had a ladder and climbed to the second floor. My house manager was staying here, and the dogs started barking. She opened the door and saw a man on my balcony, and he ran. My dogs saved the day.”