Diane Kruger Got Her Tattoo After Losing a Bet


German actress Diane Kruger agreed to get a tattoo of an anchor on her ankle after losing a bet to her In The Fade director Fatih Akin.

The Inglourious Basterds star wasn’t convinced the film would make it to the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year, but after the movie debuted at the event and Kruger won Best Actress for her role, she had to make good on the bet.

“We were filming one night and my director and I got a little tipsy… and he said, ‘You know today was so great, we’re going to go to Cannes with this movie’, and I said, ‘Yeah right, of course not’,” she told Live! with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday (14Dec17). “He made a bet that if he got in (to competition) that I would get an anchor tattoo, because that’s the symbol of Hamburg, (where we filmed), and so I did…”

Akin originally wanted Diane to get the tattoo on her arm, but they settled on her ankle.

“He kinda wanted it right here (on her outer bicep), ’cause my character has it (there) in the movie, and he has it, so it took me a lot to just get (him to compromise),” she told Good Morning America.

She added sarcastically, “My mother was super excited, she was like, ‘Really? You waited ’til 40 to get a tattoo? That’s awesome’.”

Kruger plays a mother who loses her child and husband in a terrorist attack and she reveals the role weighed heavily on her.

“It’s changed me as a person,” she told Access Hollywood Live. “It wasn’t an overall pleasant experience. I did feel like I was drowning… I was really depressed (after shooting the movie)… I took a long time off. I went away with my mom, which we hadn’t done in 20 years… I moved… I felt like I couldn’t work. I wasn’t ready.”