Did Stossel tamper with truth?

Only days before the John Stossel special Tampering with Nature is scheduled to air, parents who originally consented to allow their children to appear on the program are now demanding that they be removed. Among other things, the special challenges many of the premises of environmental activists, including the global warming theory. “Some of us witnessed the interview you conducted with our children and saw how you asked leading questions to get them to say what you wanted,” the open letter from the parents to Stossel read. “Had we known in advance of your interview tactics, or the nature of the piece, we would never have allowed you to interview our children.” In a statement, ABC replied: “While ABC News is confident that the interview was handled in a respectful and sensitive manner according to the highest journalistic standards, we take the concerns of these parents seriously and are reaching out to them to open a direct line of communication to resolve the issue.” The special is scheduled to air Friday in 20/20‘s usual time period at 10 p.m.